Makes No Sense

by Leos S/N

Released 2011
Leos S/N
Released 2011
Leos S/N
Is it still virtual or even real?
6 Instrumentals and a sad song (german lyrics)
Classic Rock mixed with electronic sounds.
guitar meets synthesizer
The songs were all composed and produced on the computer. except "Dezember - du fehlst"
composed with guitar and piano chords.
"TI sense" is the latest piece of music, I was inspired in Alto Adige 2010 composed and finished in 2011
"Dezember - du fehlst" was composed in 2010 and re-sung by Marina Esslinger in 2011
sounds of crickets, which I recorded on a small island in Croatia with a small recorder were the basic track for
"an evening with a cricket" (2006)
new mix 2011, scat guitar solo (GR55)
"Confusion" Created in 2007 and reveals jazz-rock influences
new mix, some drum edits, synth guitar solo (GR55)
"teatime on nautilus" first piece i composed and produced with Cubase in 2006
new mix in 2011
"deep blue" composed and produced in 2007
new mix in 2011
"mononoid" composed and produced in 2007

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Weihnachten war noch wie Weihnachten

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an evening with a cricket

Leos S/N

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